Friday, 4 October 2013

Working in the Mountains Again

Arrived in the Val di Fiemme on Thursday 15 August. Very hot and sunny in the valley. Up to the Col Lusia on Saturday with lots of moody clouds over the mountains,- just the way I like it! The Pala di San Martino in one direction, the Rosengarten in the other - wonderful!

Made my first drawing - the view of the Pala from above Col Lusia. Cloud obscuring half of it by the end!

Back up again yesterday, Wednesday, and this time cloudless with a few clouds developing to cast lovely shadows as the afternoon progressed. Result - my first watercolour of the trip.

Took a couple of hours or so with some lovely comments from a family from Udine. The daughter is a budding photographer!

The Rosengarten will have to wait for next visit - just not enough time to do this magnificent group justice!

The drawings were made on 17 and 21 August. Apologies for the delayed posting - I couldn't get the server to upload photographs!

More to come!

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