Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Studio Days Are Here Again!

Up at the studio it's beginning to look as if there's some work going on! Three oil paintings on the go, all on paper at this stage - and three different approaches. At least the wall is looking lively!

All this sunny weather has inspired me to take up my watercolour brushes again!

This first painting recalls the storm over the Panchachuli range of mountains in Kumaon, the Nanda Devi area of North East India close to the Nepal border. I made a quick watercolour (second from top on right of wall), watching from my room in Munsyari.
The next morning, in sparkling sunshine, I made the large drawing you can see at the top of the wall, on which the painting is based.

Today I started another watercolour of the same view, but this time I want to capture the sunset over the mountains. The painting above was made all in one go, so that the weather and the mountains become one with each other. This time, I need to work in stages so that the clarity of light and form comes across in the final image - so just the sky and shadow painted and left to dry.

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