Friday, 14 June 2013

A Mountain of Rubbish!

When Lakpa Sherpa and the Adventure14Peaks team set off for Everest with the Joint Indo-Nepal Army Expedition, they  also took with them a special team of ten Sherpas. Their job was do a big clean-up of the route between the South Col and Camp 2.

Everest is the Sherpas' mountain and is sacred to them. A Puja ceremony is always held at Base Camp for the blessing of the expedition. Offerings made to the Gods and juniper is burnt for good fortune for the sherpas and climbers.

On this year's trip, the sherpas collected and carried out 4000kg (4 metric tonnes) of rubbish, all collected on the route from the South Col to Camp 2. This is what it looks like!

Lakpa and some of the clean-up team surveying the 'mountain' of rubbish!

An excellent achievement and a job well done!

Namche is the main Sherpa village in the Khumbu and home of the famous Bazaar. Here is Lakpa, back in the village after his successful summit, with the traditional welcoming garland of marigolds and good luck scarf given to all travellers in Nepal.

And he doesn't look in the least bit tired!!

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